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SMS Ireland ireland has researched the globe for the ideal solution to help companies provide a quality hand sanitising station that not only looks good but ensures the utmost safety in health and protection. With our retail experience and marketing background, we understand the needs of our clients. We are only too aware of companies’ urgency to get temporary solutions to protect staff and customers alike during Covid 19. Businesses were forced to take the quickest option available to them – a mistake for many companies making them look unprofessional. Used blu roll falling on floors due to overflowing bins, sanitizing sprays that every person had to touch, and the cost and time for staff having to clean up every five minutes, it became very evident that these were unprofessional and ineffective solutions. That’s why SMS Ireland sourced the Hands Free sanitising station, raising the safety standards and minimising the spread of germs thus making a healthier and more sterile environment for all who enter the premises.

As we return to work, office environments, small businesses, large businesses, and retailers need to adapt. We’ll make it easy for your staff and visitors and clients with a touch-free, easy-to-maintain hand sanitiser station. We can position it in reception, communal area, or at the entrance of your premises. You can feel safe knowing your staff and visitors to your premises won’t compromise on their health, creating a better, safer and germ-free environment in your workplace. Our non-touch hand sanitising stations minimises the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.


Our Mission is to become essential to our clients by providing a healthy solution for companies to protect their staff & customers. Our goal is to build and maintain strong client relationships and earn their trust in the work we do.

Our Valued Clients

Our continued strong and positive relationships with our clients has led to referrals to other clients. We have earned their trust by saving them time and money and providing a service. We are in tune with your desire for excellence.

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If you would like to find out more a why not arrange a free Demonstration so we show you how it can be used in your business?


Our Vision is to continue to develop our reputation as a supplier in the health and safety industry. Our aim is to increase your level of professionalism among your clients by suppling you with a premium product. We will continue to
position ourselves as an established well known trustworthy supplier while understanding and meeting our clients needs.

We Speak your language

SMS Ireland has both retail and marketing backgrounds. We understand and accommodate your specific needs. We advise on how to increase your level of professionalism among your clients in a healthy and safe environment.

I Set Up SMS Ireland ireland flag during Covid 19 Pandemic because I discovered a really great solution for companies to protect their staff & customers and make revenue through advertising on the best billboard that is currently available. The most Permanent Solution to Hands Free Sanitising on the Irish Market. Our customers choose us because we are the best and we save them money. They include some of the most well known brands like Musgraves, SuperValu , Centra , Nitro , Vodafone, Daybreak , Supermac’s, Maxol, Donnybrook Fair and lots more. We create bespoke sanitising stations for these customers with their own branding / advertising. Our Mark 6 Unit can dispense over 15,000 individual handsfree washes with a 5litre drum. This alone will save over 50% on your current gel usage. The savings don’t just stop there, the SMS Ireland ireland flag will also save our customers over €5,500 in staff cleaning alone apart from the possible claims from slips , trips and falls.